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How to create a Payment page

Payment links are a simple way to accept payments however you do business, whether that’s in person, on social media, or through email and text communication with customers. Here’s how to use payment links to simplify the payment process and get paid anywhere you sell.

The BrandDrive payment link/pages is a unique way of receiving payments, subscriptions, donations and reoccurring fees.

BrandDrive Payment Pages
Payment Pages – Dashboard

When a customer uses a payment link, they’re typically taken to the merchant’s online checkout page to complete their transaction. Payment links can be used for both a single transaction, such as a customer invoice and for multiple transactions, such as a buy button on a social media platform.

Here is how to create a payment page on BrandDrive;

Step 1: Select the payment page.

Step 2: Click “Create payment link” on the top right corner.

Select the type of payment link required;

Types of Payments Pages

One-time payment: This is often used to receive a single payment from a customer. It expires after the payment is received.

Subscription: This link is used when there is a reoccuring payment to be receive. It could be used for bills, subscriptions, courses and more.

Donations: Think of this as a purse to receive anonymous payments for causes. It could be tied to any event and unlimited amount cap.

Step 3: Give your payment page a unique name, add your payment page url, set the payment amount, and select the payment type (single or multiple payments).

Add a payment description, enter the amount, select “save page”.

Uses of BrandDrive Payment Link

On a website or blog
Payment links in the form of embedded buy buttons on a website, an online store, or a blog are one of the most direct ways to move a customer toward a purchase. Customize buy buttons with specific text or color and place them strategically on a site to alert customers that items are for sale.

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