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How to create a POS Order

BrandDrive enables you to elevate your customer experience, increase your speed and efficiency, boost your takeaway service and power your business with real-time data. It’s time to move your physical business to a system that works.

Every business owner’s priority, among others, is to keep track of where their customers execute their payments for goods or services. When customers make payments in-store or online, our system automatically generates an electronic receipt. 

Let’s go over the entire process of setting up your point of sale (POS) order on BrandDrive.

How to create a POS Order

BrandDrive/Point-of-Sale (POS)

To access the point of sale feature,

Step 1: Log in to your BrandDrive account.

Step 2: Select the point of sale feature on the left side of the dashboard. 

The BrandDrive point-of-sale feature is built to accept payment for goods and services.

Step 3: Select the product or service you would like to pay for. 

Step 4: Click on the search box to access the list of already-registered customers.  

Type in the name of the customer in the search box. 

You might ask: What if their name is not on my customer list? 

You can quickly add them up by clicking on the + button close to the search box and filling in the customer’s name and details. For the guide click here to see how to add customer details to your BrandDrive business account ( link to the customer guide here)

Maybe something happens, and you don’t want to proceed with payment again. can use the “id order” feature next to the “add new customer” feature to cancel your order. 

 Step 5: Add a discount to your order.

Select the discount button next to the payment option at the bottom right end of your screen to add a discount to your product order using the percentage slash. 

To do so tap on the discount icon 

Then select the percentage you choose to add to the product. 

How to create a POS Order

You can either choose to go with the percentage (%) slash or create a discount by amount.

Quantity: Add the quantity you want to order.

How to create a POS Order

Delete: You can choose to delete the order if you do not want to proceed with it. 

Save later: If you don’t want to proceed with the order at the moment and want to come back to it later, you can use the save order feature to save the order for a later time. 

Select the “Save Order” option. 

Step 6: Proceed with the payment.  

Click the “proceed to payment” button and allow the payment modal to load.

After which, you will be taken to another page to confirm your payment. 

Choose the payment option you want to use, as seen in the screenshot above, and then check the Print transaction box. 

Step 7: Confirm payment and print the receipt. Click on the “Confirm Payment” option to complete your transaction. and then proceed to print the transaction receipt. 

BrandDrive Point of Sale feature is the ultimate system for a physical store. Our advanced features provide you with the means to serve your valued customers in a practical, productive manner, all the while collecting data that can be used to make important business decisions.

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