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How to make a transfer


The transfers feature is so cool that you can transfer to any bank across Nigeria. Here is what  you can do with the transfers feature, literally: you can transfer from your BrandDrive wallet to any of the following:

  • To other BrandDrive Users.
  • To any Bank across Nigeria.
  • to the BrandDrive Business account. 

Step 1: Open your BrandDrive app.

Step 2: click on new transfer

Step 3: Select an option to either

  • Beneficiary or new recipient.
  • To other BrandDrive Users.
  • To the BrandDrive Business account. 

Step 4: for a new beneficiary 

Either way, you can choose from your list of already-saved beneficiaries or continue to fill in their account details. Enter their bank account number, wait for our system to display the name, and then click the “initiate transfer” 

Step 5: congratulation you just sent money to your beneficiary

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