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The Top 5 Cloud-Based (POS) Software for Businesses in 2024

The use of modern cloud-based point of sale (POS) systems has gained significant importance in recent times. These software gives companies access to scalable alternatives, real-time data insights, and optimized operational procedures.

Here are the top 5 cloud POS software, their basic features, the businesses they work best for, their benefits, and how best they can satisfy the various needs of different businesses like yours.

Whether you run a busy restaurant, small retail store, or service-focused company, we are certain you can find the Point-Of-Sale (POS) software system that perfectly matches your needs.

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1. Square POS: Recognized as one of the Best and Free Cloud POS

Businesses they serve best: Small and medium-sized businesses seeking a blend of simplicity and affordability.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Setup: Hassle-free installation for businesses lacking technical expertise.
  • Versatile Payment Options: Accept card payments, mobile wallets, and QR codes seamlessly.
  • Customized features catering to retail, food service, or professional services sectors.


  1. Free POS Plan: With this software, you can begin with the free plan and smoothly upgrade as your business expands.
  2. Integrated Payment Processing: Get payment transactions done seamlessly 
  3. Basic Inventory Management: Monitors stock levels efficiently and keep up with purchases and orders.

 Why Square?

It has a user-friendly interface and is cost-effective making it a top contender as one of the best POS software in Nigeria

2. PayPal Zettle POS: Ideal for businesses interested in QR Code Payment Processing

Businesses they serve best: Forward-looking businesses looking for more sophisticated ways to collect payments would find Zettle POS as an excellent choice. With just a scan of a QR code, customers can make payments securely.

 Key Features:

  • QR Code Payment Support: Enable customers to make payments using QR codes effortlessly.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Great interface, you can easily get used to its setup process and user-friendly design.

    Why Paypal Zettle?

It has a lot of good features but what makes it stand out is its seamless QR code payment that helps make for improved business transactions.

3. eHopper POS: Perfect for businesses looking for no processing fees

Businesses they serve best: Solopreneurs, budget-conscious businesses, and any business owners planning to cut expenses.

Key Features:

  • Zero Transaction Fees: Retain more of your revenue without worrying about processing charges.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Track and monitor products effortlessly within the system.


  • No Transaction Fees: Remove the issue of costs and boost profitability.
  • Basic Inventory Management: Well-suited for small businesses.

Why eHopper? If you want to prioritize cost savings and are a small business, you’re a perfect fit

BrandDrive: Provides POS software alongside other tools to manage your business operations online and in-store

Businesses they serve best: small and large businesses, retail stores, restaurants, real estate, etc

Key Features;

  • POS System 
  • Team management features (delegating functionalities to employees/teams)
  • Oversee your supplies, purchase orders, and stock at many places.
  • Inventory Management

These are key features that would end your search for an excellent and affordable POS software. However, BrandDrive is known for several other features that can make all your business operations go smoothly, all the time! If you ever find yourself in need of an invoice, your business data analyzed, or having a strong customer base, consider visiting to get started or get on a call with us today! (demo image)


  • User-Friendly Interface: One of BrandDrive’s key strengths is its intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and perform various accounting tasks without extensive training. 
  • 360-tool for all businesses: From invoicing and expense tracking to inventory management and financial reporting, BrandDrive offers features that can handle all aspects of your business’s operations.
  • Affordable pricing plan: Pricing plans are flexible for all types or stages of businesses

Why BrandDrive?

    • Financial Management: Bring every side of your business together — sales, purchases, expenses, inventory, payments, and more.
    • Point of Sale & Terminals: Manage your inventory, payments, and more with Point-Of-Sale software.
  • Digital payments/Transactions: Get payments in multiple currencies from anywhere across the globe.

Explore how BrandDrive can help you reach your goals. Book a demo with us!

5. Stripe POS: This is a perfect fit for businesses looking to fulfill their API Integration Needs

Businesses they serve best: Businesses with specific integration requirements.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Stripe POS to integrate smoothly with other essential tools.
  • Integrated developer tools suitable for users seeking advanced customization options.


  • Customizable Functionality: Tailor the system precisely to meet your business’s unique needs.

Why Stripe

While it has many other features that make it an excellent choice, this software stands out with its integration capabilities.

While we have a lot of amazing POS software that is great for businesses, a business owner has to choose a software that would grow with you as you upscale your business, pricing is also a real deal breaker, and of course the value it features offers to your business. We recommend you choose the option that would cater to several of your needs. This would enable you save cost, time and keep your efficiency at an all-time high. This is why BrandDrive is your best bet!

BrandDrive POS system is not actually a standalone feature, since the aim is to eliminate any stress in financial management, BrandDrive adds value, in terms of 

  • Inventory, 
  • Payment process, 
  • Management of your employees, 
  • and AI-powered analytics of your business data. 

This is probably why BrandDrive is seen by businesses as an all-in-one tool for a business and the best cloud-based POS software.

Join thousands of satisfied users who have chosen BrandDrive as their preferred accounting solution and unlock the full potential of your business!

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