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How to Record an Invoice

An invoice is a document a seller gives to a buyer to receive payment for goods or services. It includes the cost of the goods and services purchased by the buyer.

BrandDrive invoices are secure, instant, and can be sent through email. 

Let’s go through all the steps required to record an invoice on BrandDrive.

Step 1: Open your BrandDrive app or mobile. 

Step 2: Navigate to “Invoice,” which is the second option under the Business and Sales category, at the middle left corner of your dashboard. 

 The screenshot below is a typical interface you’ll see on your Branddrive app.


At a glance, you can see your BrandDrive invoice balance. The BrandDrive invoice balance is divided into two columns to give you the flexibility of knowing your balance at a glance. The balance is divided into overdue invoices and open invoices.

Overdue invoices: An overdue invoice is an invoice a customer has yet to pay. 

Open invoices: Open invoices are invoices that have been sent to your customer or client but have not been paid yet. 

Search: If you have a large number of invoices to sort through and are looking for a specific invoice, you can use the search box to filter your results by typing the customer name or phone number from the invoice you’re looking for. You can further refine your search by including a date. 

Payment status: The payment status is also designed to help you filter your invoice search into draft, sent, viewed, partially paid, unsent, paid, and overdue.

Step 3: To create a new invoice, click “New Invoice” near the search feature to create a new invoice. 

Step 4: Fill in your invoice details: Enter the name of your invoice, enter the branch, and select the customer from the list of customers you have on your list. Input the invoice date and enter the payment date you would like to make the payment. 

Next, click on “Add product or service” to see and choose from the dropdown of the listed products or services. 

You can use the search to find specific products you are looking for. 

You can also add the quantity of the product and delete a product. Check out the screenshot below to see 

Step 5: Select your payment method: Check the payment box to select from the list of payment methods, add a note to the invoice, and lastly preview the product/ service balance. 

Step 6: Save your invoice. Once you’re done entering the details of your product, proceed by saving your invoice. 

You can select the best option for your needs from the Save drop-down menu.

The primary purpose of an invoice is to record sales by the seller and also serve as proof of payment by the buyer. It can also help small business owners with accounting. 

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